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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mission Possible - By Marley Bangert

White takes over. Thats all you can see. A wall comes towards you. You get ready. Cross your arms. Hold your breath. Close your eyes. Count down in your head. Then, you’re under. A swoosh goes over you. You keep your eyes closed. As bit of your breath slipped out. You know you can come up. You quickly wipe your eyes. Hoping that another tall and strong wall doesn’t come. You’re safe. For only a minute. Not even that. You watch another come to you, only for you to break through it soon. You feel good. Alive. You run back away from the next one. You here someone say, “WATCH OUT!”. You have no time to turn around and see who is was. All you can do is brace yourself for the upcoming impact. Cross your arms. Plant your feet on the ground. Then it’s there. A big wall with a mission to destroy you. You’ve moved forward quite a few steps. The wall proceeds on. Never to stop. Back and forth. On and on. In and out. Still, you are successful. The wall has been broken in one little spot, right where you hit it. On the ground now you get ready for it coming back. Broken and worn down. You stick your feet into the ground and plant your hands. It hits. You were lucky. You have gotten away from the wall. You know another one will come in a few breaths. So you run. Run to shore hoping not to get hit again by it coming back. Hunting you down. It has failed its mission for you. It doesn’t care though. There will be more people to come. More people for it to destroy. More failures to come. And a few successes. You lay down. Little pebbles scratch your back. A bright, big, red, orange, yellow, star waves at you. You are hot And you are wet. You know what just hit you. You know you have done a great job. You did not fail your mission. You won’t ever fail this mission. You have been hit by a wave. From the ocean.You are in New Zealand. Can you see it? I can! What fun!

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