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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mission Bay


First, to talk about our adventure yesterday. We had been recommended to a place called Mission Bay that one publication said was 45 minutes walk from town. We decided that was a good walk for The Bangerts. We set out to the waterfront and the highway that ran along the coast. After a good hour, we came upon another bridge with a marina at the end of its crossing. We were hopeful we were almost there. Imagine our surprise when not only wasn't it our destination, we asked a local about Mission Bay and they said we were still 45 minutes out. Taxi!

We had a great Mexican lunch in Mission Bay at a Mexican restaurant. The location was definitely a tourist destination with largely restaurants and a beach on what was a fairly blustery day. We find NZ to be quite multi-cultural and a true melting pot wherever we travel. The weather has been a bit like Seattle with overcast skies and sporadic temps.

I am having blogging issues with the size of my pics and we only have one internet connection. I will work on this more tomorrow because we are really enjoying sharing this experience. For now....sleep tight...stay warm. Love and hugs!

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