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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cats in Ayvalik

I love cats, so I like it here in Ayvalik, Turkey because, there are cats everywhere. Like when you walk out of your house there is a cat. Then you walk down the street you see a lot of cats. They usually hang out near places that have food, such as dumpsters and fish markets. They are usually pretty skittish because some of the people here don't like them and think of them as pests, so they don't always like humans. Some of them are nice and they let you pet them. They are usually dirty but some times they clean them selves and are clean and softer. I like how some cats know what cat is there friend because we go to one restaraunt and you see the same two cats together every time.

We have cats at the house we are staying in. We have about 6 cats here but sometimes we have 7 or 8 because we have some that hang around often. The cats we have are: Valerie who is a white cat with some black on her head, she is Marley's favorite. 

Then there's Weasel, who is my favorite, he is orange on top and white on the bottom.

 Also Salvatory who everyone likes he is just black with some white on his chest and belly.

 There's Cow Cat who is black and white and everyone likes her a lot.

 Then Yonja who is calico on top and white on the bottom. She is pretty skittish but I like her a lot.

 Then one three legged old boy cat who everyone loves so much. We call him Daddy-o, he is orange and pretty dirty but he still cleans himself a bit. He isn't doing so well so we take care of him a lot.

 They are all pretty chubby except for Weasel and Daddy-o.

We feed the cats a lot with fish and chicken. They all love it and always want more.
There is also a mean orange and white cat with no tail. We always have to shoo him away because he is not nice. Other than him I love all the cats here.

Weasel likes to sleep with me and is usually playful but sometimes bites you really hard, like he wants to eat you. We try to train him not to bite but it just makes him angrier. I still love him though.

The woman that owns the house we are staying in has a shop with six cats in it. Here are some of them.

There was also a cat who loved me so much this happened:

Sadly, we had to take Daddy-o to the vet and put him down.

We all miss and love him a lot. He was a great cat.


  1. am I really a crazy cat lady??!!May 18, 2012 at 2:53 AM

    Great blog, Ben!! Let me know when you want any of the cats to start signing autographs, I think I can work something out!

  2. I love all the cat pics. Great to see you guys taking care of critters around the world. Your Cow looks a lot like my Casey.

  3. That is a lot of cats! My daughter would love it there!