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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rafael Fiji

We couldn’t ask for a better spot to begin our journey, as our house sits across a one lane dirt road from a slim sliver of sand.  It’s perfect for the kids to hang out, with virtually no waves, making it more like a lake than the South Pacific due to our location, which is protected from the open seas.  Ben spent time obsessing over the hermit crabs that populate the rocky areas while Marley and I took a stroll along the beach and she home schooled me on how the whole hermit crab thing works.  Coming off of the beach, the kids encountered an orange tabby cat, which we immediately named Rafael Fiji.  

We decided as a family before we left on the trip that any cat we befriended along the way would be named Rafael, after the Saint of Healing and also a patron Saint of Travelers.  (Plus I've always liked the name due to the outtakes at the end of Being There with Peter Sellers)   Ben gave him the nickname of nuggets because this boy was still packing heat if you know what I’m saying.  Rafael made himself right at home, curling up on the chairs outside our house, and enjoying plates of left over tuna.  He hung out through the evening and was patiently waiting for us the next morning, happily licking clean a breakfast plate of tuna.  Then, after having spent some time snoozing on Annie’s lap, he hopped off, and vanished!  A stunning move, considering he had it all here.  I want to know where he’s got the better deal and spend some time there!  Is there an all you can eat caviar bar down the road at the Cousteau Resort?  Did he grow uncomfortable with our jokes about his nuggets?  Hopefully he’ll return and we can get some answers. 


  1. For that short moment he had a GREAT cat family. Cute orange tabby!

  2. Alright, who gave him shark eyes?

  3. We can't seem to get the "red eye" feature on iPhoto to work properly. And there doesn't seem to be an undo button once you've demonized your pic. ;-)